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“2014 Holiday Party 12 Pack of Plays” – Play #12


Once again . . . The ASU Devils Den has come back . . . for Holiday Parties!

Every December weekend is full of Holiday Parties, and this year, the ASU Devils Den happily and merrily brings back its “Holiday Party 12 Pack of Plays”. These are the top 12 plays from the Arizona State season that you can enjoy discussing over delicious holiday cocktails with friends and family. Our tip this year is to watch out for any Santas who slur “Happy Hollandaise” as those Santas tend to get grabby toward the end of the night.

This year, the “Holiday Party 12 Pack of Plays” will count down from Play #12 to our #1 Play as voted on by the ASU Devils Den staff.

Play #12

With the Arizona State offense sputtering, the Sun Devils found themselves losing 24-21 at the half on Senior Day. At the start of the third quarter, the offense was still sputtering, so it was up to the defense to provide a spark. With just over eight minutes left in the third quarter, junior cornerback Kweishi Brown had our “ASU Devils Den Holiday Party 12 Pack of Plays” Play #12.

Washington State quarterback Luke Falk dropped back and floated a ball over the middle, and Brown made a tremendously athletic interception where he broke the pass up and made a diving, one-handed interception.

Animation Credit: StatePress

After this play by Brown, the Sun Devil offense marched down the field and scored a touchdown to reclaim the lead 28-24. The interception ignited the team to a 31 point second half for a 52-31 victory. It was a win the Sun Devils needed after their terrible game at Oregon State the previous week.

The junior college transfer Brown, in his first season with the Sun Devils, had solidified the field corner spot early in the season. Against Notre Dame, Brown had a big interception in the red zone to help stop Notre Dame’s comeback. However, the falling down one handed snag for an interception against Washington State showed Brown’s tremendous athleticism and focus at a time the entire program needed a lift. Junior cornerback Kweishi Brown made our “ASU Devils Den Holiday Party 12 Pack of Plays” Play #12.


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Don Hansen

Don is a 2003 graduate of Arizona State University where he spent four years sitting in the front rows of many ASU athletic events leading the rowdy student section. Now, Don co-hosts the "ASU Devils Den" podcast covering every detail of ASU football. Don works and resides in Gilbert, Arizona with his beautiful Sun Devil wife and their two beautiful daughters!

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