Depth Chart

2015 Possible Spring

POS Sun Devils      
QB Mike Bercovici Manny Wilkins Brady White*
RB D.J. Foster Demario Richard
RB Kalen Ballage De’Chavon Hayes
WR Cameron Smith Frederick Gammage Eric Lauderdale
WR Gary Chambers Jalen Harvey
WR Ellis Jefferson Tyler Whiley
H Grant Martinez
TE Kody Kohl Raymond Epps*
OT Evan Goodman Jack Powers
OG Christian Westerman Sam Jones
C Nick Kelly Stephon McCray
OG Vi Teofilo Devin Goodman
OT William McGehee Quinn Bailey Steve Miller*
END Edmond Boateng Renell Wren Chans Cox Corey Smith
TIGER Tashon Smallwood Viliami Latu Connor Humphreys George Lea*
NOSE Demetrius Cherry Mo Latu Emanuel Dayries
DEVIL Davon Durant* Ismael Murphy-Richardson Alani Latu
SAM Salamo Fiso Christian Sam Nick Ralston*
WILL Antonio Longino D.J. Calhoun Carlos Mendoza
SPUR Viliami Moeakiola Ezequiel Bishop Jamal Scott
FC Lloyd Carrington Solomon Means Ronald Lewis
FS James Johnson Jamie Otomewo DeAndre Scott
BS Jordan Simone Marcus Ball Das Tautalatasi
BC Kweishi Brown Armand Perry Chad Adams
K Zane Gonzalez
P Matt Haack
LS Mitchell Fraboni Donnie Shields
H Manny Wilkins

Coltin Gerhart expected to play baseball this spring.

* = Potential early enroll from 2015 class

2 Responses to Depth Chart

  1. Why are they not trying Calhoun at Spur? He is not big enough to play Will. Our LB’s get dominated too much in the run game.

  2. Rob Malara Rob Malara says:

    John, would you honestly start him over Moeakiola? Look at the performance of the defense over the course of the season when he missed time due to injury. It was like night and day.

    While D.J. Calhoun has a very bright future, the Spur spot belongs to Laiu at this time.

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